BPD welcomes all feedback as it helps us grow as a business and provide the best possible service to you!

It often helps you make up your mind about participating in a course/training to hear what others who have participated are saying; and to know what the presenters think of BPD too!

By the BPD presenters:

"You run your business like a swiss clock. You are really a professional group and you will go far" ~ Serge Gracovetsky, author 'Function of the Spine', Montreal, Canada 

"You have confirmed again your champion position among the most efficient course organisers I have ever met." ~ Robert Schleip, Director of Fascia Research Project, Ulm University, Munich, Germany

"Thanks to exposure on your site, I'm getting a fair bit of interest from physios all over the planet." ~ Steve Goldstein, Integrative Fascial Release, Melbourne, Australia

By the BPD students:

"Thanks for the 'Fascianating Fascia' course it was fantastic. Best course I've been on in thirteen years of practice!" ~ GM, Wales about the Robert Schleip workshop

"Thank you for your professional contribution to make these workshops happen" ~ HD, Belgium

"The course, the content & how Steven [Goldstein] was able, with his eloquence & simplicity, to convey material.  It was both fun & stimulating, challenging and made a lot of sense." ~ MC, Ireland about the Integrative Fascial Release Foundations course.

"[Steven Goldstein] was fantastic! His depth of knowledge was extensive, very approachable, passionate about the subject & took me to a new place in learning & understanding.  I am bewildered, unsure & very excited about what I have to learn." ~ TS, London about the Integrative Fascial Release Foundations course.

"Hard to say - it was all good, easier to say what was not enjoyable but I can't even think about that at the moment! Excellent. Happy to recommend Willie [Fourie] and would attend another of his courses." ~ student on Willie Fourie's Understanding our Connective Tissue: The Shoulder Girdle course

"Art’s original training in kinesiology has always informed his Rolfing but it is nowhere more apparent and useful than in his unique understanding of myofascial influences on the knee joint. I cannot recommend this workshop too strongly. Art’s viewpoint regarding gait patterns and the myofascial influences on the knee joint is essential knowledge for any effective management of misalignment between the upper and lower leg and the resultant strains and feedback loops with the foot, knee, hip and pelvis. I wouldn’t miss it." ~ Michael Salveson, Rolf Institute Advanced Faculty about DTM Foot, Knee and Hip workshop

"I heartily recommend the upcoming workshop on the knee given by Art Riggs. Art Riggs’ knowledge is encyclopedic, particularly when it comes to knees. I have assisted Art in a number of trainings and I have found his patient, thorough, hands-on approach to teaching enables the student to readily absorb knowledge and new skills." ~ Bob Robinson, Rolfing since 1974 about DTM Foot, Knee and Hip workshop